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2-3 Weeks Development. From $5,000.

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Hyper Casual Games Development

Utilize a "less is more" approach to make more money with simple yet extremely popular hyper-casual games especially relevant these uncertain days.

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What Is Hyper Casual Game?

Lightweight games with simple mechanics and a 'tap to play' gameplay plus infinitely replayable, thus, highly addictive and engaging.

Key Features

One simple mechanics

Game as Your Business

Little Development Resources

Enjoy highly-engaging gameplay with a minimum of game mechanics and art elements to benefit within the shortest time possible.

Lucky Ticket Chance

Imagine investing $5k and earning $10 mln within 3 months after release, just like Crossy Road did that had over 50 mln downloads.

75% Game Market Share

Benefit from an overwhelmingly popular game genre that despite being “free” generates impressive revenue from in-game video ads.

Why Us

10+ Years of Experience

Employ our vast expertise in game development with over 100 games delivered from scratch to complete launch.

Creator of Top Games

Partner with us to get a chance to be featured on Google Play & App Store repeatedly, just like others did.

Game Franchise

Take advantage of our experience developing the best video game franchises to keep a huge user base happy.

Full-Cycle Game Launch

Utilize our full spectrum of game development and co-development services from market analysis to post-launch support.

Experience With Publishers

Exploit our proven track record of published mobile games within the most popular publishers, like Voodoo.

Game Publishing Support

Delegate us the whole process: initial testing, statistics gathering and the final game release in your account on stores.

Workflow Stages


Discussing your game vision, enriching the idea and establishing the optimal ways of its efficient development.


Compiling the Game Design Document that forms the common ground and covers all the aspects of the future game.

Visual Guideline
Determining how your game is going to look like and creating the detailed guideline of its fascinating visual style.

Game Development

Delivering the game according to the GDD and visual guideline that results in a polished fully-fledged product.


See what happens when we mix our obsessive passion for games and in-depth game development experience.

Chair 360° view
Cherry Blossoms
Coral Reef Ecosystem
Elephant (National Geographic)

Other Games of Our Pride

Time Drop 

A Match 3 game that will carry you through an epic journey side-by-side with Jean-Louis and his dreamy cat Betsy – from Big Bang back to the present day.

Achievements: Featured 3 times on Google Play, 500,000+ Installs.

A collectible card game heading a player through challenging campaigns allowing to collect, control and trade the cards and rewarding with gold for accomplishments.

Achievements: 1500+ positive feedbacks on Appfelstrudel.

A Virtual Reality game that will force players to do some handwork in order to get higher until they reach the very top breaking through the devastating storm.

Achievements: A 32-hour built prototype.

One of the first games for Google Daydream implemented with innovative mechanics where a player can get through the survival challenges.

Achievements: Top first Google Daydream game.

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